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Forrest Hise

Forrest S. Hise, E.I.T., M.B.A.

Manager Business Development | Reservoir Engineering

     Hise Exploration Partners, LLC (HEP) is committed to generating the highest quality oil and gas prospects in the upstream energy space.  Our asset team brings a combined 244+ years of experience to each project and is the primary competitive advantage that HEP leverages in the Gulf Coast.  Each team member has dedicated their careers to discovering and developing economic hydrocarbons specifically in the Gulf Coast area.  

     Our current drilling program is called the Black Bear Energy Program.  This is HEP's third Gulf Coast Drilling program.  The Black Bear Energy Program focuses on three geographic areas that encompass several major Louisiana oil fields with tremendous historical production.

     If you are interested in participating in the Black Bear Energy Program, please contact Forrest Hise, Manager of Business Development.

Phone: 337-235-0590

Fax: 337-235-7062

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