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Hise Company 1968

Hise was formed in 1968 and has been in continuous operation through the present.


Hise Drilling Program 1

Gulf Coast Drilling Program I

roi: 2

IRR: 18%

Hise Drilling Program 1

Hise affiliated entities generated, drilled, and operated 13 deep Tuscaloosa Trend wells, at an average depth of 20,750’, over the period 2000 – 2009, at a cost of over $300 million dollars.  All 13 wells resulted in completions, with production to date in excess of 86 BCF gas and 1.2 million BBLs oil.


Hise Drilling Program 2

Gulf Coast Drilling Program II

roi: 3.1

IRR: 24%

Hise Drilling Program 2

Hise affiliated entities generated, drilled, and operated 4 geo-pressured wells in 2014-2015, across different geological provinces, each successful and resulting in offset well opportunities.

Press Articles

November 01, 2017

Forrest Hise, Manager Business Development and Petroleum Engineer, was featured as Oil & Gas Investor's "Bright Spot" in their November 2017 issue!  

August 16, 2017

The Santillana Codes, By Dan E. Stigall

In late September 2017, The Friends of the Library of Congress, together with the Embassy of Tunisia, and with generous support from Hise Exploration Partners, LLC, will participate in a panel event to celebrate the launch of The Santillana Codes: The Civil Codes of Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania.

January 01, 2017

Oil & Gas Investor - Gulf Coast Conventional Revival

Richard Hise, managing member, was featured in the cover story for the January 2017 Oil & Gas Investor magazine.  The article, Gulf Coast Revival, provided an in-depth review of the Hise Company and our operations, experience, and success in South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.   

April 01, 2013

Bill Hise - LSU Engineering Hall of Distinction

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