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Louisiana Oil & Gas Development
Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration Projects

About Us

Hise Exploration Partners LLC (HEP) is a third generation, Louisiana Oil Company that has successfully explored, safely drilled, and effectively produced Louisiana hydrocarbons for over 30 Years. 


Originally formed in 1968, The Hise Companies was founded by Anne Hise, Bill Hise, and Richard Hise to be Louisiana's premier upstream oil and gas company for the high-net-worth private investor and family office.  Since that time, The Hise Companies has drilled several successful Gulf Coast Programs to depths of 20,000' in high pressure and high temperature environments with a perfect safety record. 

In 2016, the energy space began to change, and with it, so did the company.  The Hise Companies changed to Hise Exploration Partners LLC, an entity formed to encompass new divisions emerging in the Louisiana energy space.  It was with this new company that Forrest Hise joined the team as a Manager of Business Development and reservoir engineer.  Using the same high quality team of degreed professionals, Hise Exploration Partners LLC diversified from oil and gas using their skillsets and extensive subsurface 2D and 3D seismic databases to enter into land services, wetland restoration, and Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS).

Today, Hise Exploration Partners LLC offers a wide range of services in to the upstream Louisiana Energy Space and Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration space.  Through 30+ years of hydrocarbon exploration, Hise Exploration Partners LLC is the team you want in hydrocarbon exploration, wetland restoration, and Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS).  

Three Generations of Petroleum Engineers

Bill Hise
Bill Hise

Petroleum Engineer

Engineering Adviser


Anne Hise
Anne Hise

Land, Legal, Geology

Engineering Advisor


Richard Hise
Richard Hise


Chief Executive Officer

Forrest Passport.jpg
Forrest Hise

Director of Security & Safety

Manager Business Development

About Us

Oil & Gas Engineering Services

  • Gulf Coast Exploration

  • Prospect Evaluation, Risking, & Development

  • Capital Raising

  • Professional Engineering

  • Land Services

  • Well Planning

  • Well Operations Management - "Operating"

  • Reserve Estimation

  • Vendor Management


Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration (CCUS) Services

  • Site Evaluation

  • 3D Seismic for Reservoir Evaluation

  • Reservoir Simulation for Predicting & Monitoring

  • Material Balance Calculations

  • Land Services

  • Injection Well Planning

  • Injection Well Drilling

  • Injection Well Operations

  • Pipeline Hook-Up

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Management

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